Atikokan Amateur Radio Club

Serving amateur radio operators and
providing emergency communications for Atikokan and area

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Snail mail: P.O. Box 2106, Atikokan, Ontario P0T 1C0

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VE3RIB repeater
Atikokan, ON
147.120 +

VE3RIB-1 digi
Atikokan, ON
144.390 (APRS)

VE3RIB-2 digi
Flanders, ON
144.390 (APRS)

VA3EOA station
Atikokan EOC

VE3YIB station
Atikokan Airport

Winlink RMS

The Basic Course

The Basic Course is held annually from January until April, if sufficient demand warrants. Fees are set annually. The course requires about 20 hours of classroom study, and another 20 hours of self-study. Contact Warren, VE3FYN if you are interested.

Lesson Materials

ExHAMiner Software

This is a very good exam practice tool written by François Daigneault, VE2AAY for RAC. (Shameless plug: This is one more reason to join RAC.) Note that you must download both the program and the Basic question bank.This latest version now includes the Advanced question bank.

ExHAMiner tip: Once you've chosen the Basic question bank, choose Tools/Selection by Lesson from the menu. Click on the topics you want to review. This latest version will default to asking you all possible questions from each selected topic. Review them all and makes notes of your problem areas. You can select "Seek unanswered or incorrect" to focus on your previous problem area.

Extra Material