Atikokan Amateur Radio Club

Serving amateur radio operators and
providing emergency communications for Atikokan and area

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VE3RIB repeater
Atikokan, ON
147.120 +

VE3RIB-1 digi
Atikokan, ON
144.390 (APRS)

VE3RIB-2 digi
Flanders, ON
144.390 (APRS)

VA3EOA station
Atikokan EOC

VE3YIB station
Atikokan Airport

Winlink RMS

This was more of a 'remote base' operation, than a portable one. This is the trailer-load of gear. Not shown is the truck-load of gear, the fourteen foot boat and the canoe.

At the landing,Margaret VE3OWL and mascot (Dawson) ponder the situation.

We setup in a nylon shelter. (It's bigger than it looks.) Our main radio was VE3FYN's Icom 703+. Also used (from the EOC) was a Yaesu 857. The operation was fully battery-powered, thanks to the low power consumption of the 703.

Barely visible above the tent is the 20 metre Buddipole atop a collapsing 24 foot fibreglass MFJ mast.

Operators VE3FYN Warren and VE3ENL Erik.

Operators VE3ENL Erik and VE3OWL Margaret.

Operators VE3ENL Erik and future ham Dawson (who made two contacts).

Operators VA3CDH Calvin and VE3ENL Erik.

Operators VE3LKP Lucas and VA3CDH Calvin.

While the weather was in our favour, we moved the operating station outside. Here are Margaret VE3OWL and Erik VE3ENL.

It wasn't all radio. The boys built a sail for the canoe and played in the water much of Saturday.

There was no shortage of tents...

... and more tents.

Lucas VE3LKP had arranged to sleep in his hammock, but moved to a tent when it rained Saturday night.

Firing the potato canon may become an AARC Field Day tradition. Here Lucas VE3LKP and Calvin VA3CDH demonstrate the effectiveness of Axe deodorant as a propellant.

Photo Gallery, Field Day 2010

Five members of the club and one future ham ventured out to a moderately-sized island on Finlayson Lake just north of Atikokan for Field Day2010. We setup VE3FYN's Icom 703+, and the Yaesu 857 from the Atikokan EOC. (The 703 made all but one contact.) The 20 metre antenna was a Buddipole atop a 24 foot collapsing fibreglass mast. A half-wave inverted vee was used for 80 metre work. Fun was had by all, and several of our newly-minted amateurs were able to play on the HF bands.

VE3FYN, VE3ENL, VE3OWL, VA3CDH and Dawson all made contacts. VE3LKP tried, but was unsuccessful.