Atikokan Amateur Radio Club

Serving amateur radio operators and
providing emergency communications for Atikokan and area

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Snail mail: P.O. Box 2106, Atikokan, Ontario P0T 1C0

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VE3RIB repeater
Atikokan, ON
147.120 +

VE3RIB-1 digi
Atikokan, ON
144.390 (APRS)

VE3RIB-2 digi
Flanders, ON
144.390 (APRS)

VA3EOA station
Atikokan EOC

VE3YIB station
Atikokan Airport

Winlink RMS

In March 2008, the AARC established an emergency radio station at the Atikokan Emergency Operations Centre located at the municipal office. The com centre has the callsign VA3EOA.

The first HF contact at VA3EOA was made on 9 March 2008 at 00:40 UTC between VE3FYN and VA3EXT in Dryden, on 80 metres.

Late in 2009, the station was dismantled to make way for the construction of a new Town Hall. On 11 June 2010 the cables were finally pulled, and the tower readied for the antennas.

Inside Town Hall, the station includes:

VA3EOA Emergency Operations Station

Here is the full antenna array.

Our modest station allows full HF capabilities (10/20/40/80 metres) including WinLink e-mail, two metre capabilities to our local repeater, and APRS digipeating (wide1-1).